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9/2/06 Marshall H C-USA
TBA Maryland H ACC
TBA Buffalo H MAC
TBA East Carolina A C-USA
TBA Mississippi State A SEC
TBA Louisville A Big East
TBA Cincinnati H Big East
TBA Rutgers H Big East
TBA Syracuse H Big East
TBA UConn A Big East
TBA Pitt A Big East
TBA South Florida H Big East

Well, at least the Mountaineers don't have a I-AA team on the schedule, though Buffalo's not all that inspiring an opponent.

A trip to the deep south will be interesting.
But, aside from the road trips to Louisville and Pitt (anything can happen at Pitt most years, and they did start to put some things together, before we pulverized them, anyway) and the ever-unpredictable game against the Terps, well... there's little reason to believe that the Mountaineers can't repeat the 11-1 season, if they don't finish undefeated.

This is the beginning of the twelve game seasons forever and always, isn't it?
Oh, well. I'll get used to it.

EDIT: Interestingly, looking ahead a couple years, the Mountaineers have a home-away series in '08/'09 with Auburn. Also, looks like the intrastate rivalry with Marshall has been cemented, as their on the schedule all the way to '13. The 'Eers also have a h/a series with Michigan St in '10/'11, and Florida State in '12/'13. I'm sure it'll be extended, but sadly, Maryland isn't on the '13 schedule. Holes remain in '13, so I'm sure they'll get the Terps re-upped.

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