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Since the conference schedule is released early 2006, I dont have the exact dates of the games so it looks a bit whacked out

Sept. 4 Florida State
Sept. 9 Florida A&M
TBA Cincinnati
TBA Boston College
TBA North Carolina
TBA Virginia Tech
Oct. 14 Florida International
TBA @ Louisville
TBA @ Maryland
TBA @ Virginia
TBA @ Georgia Tech
TBA @ Duke

The new coaches coming in will benefit from a soft ass schedule.

Florida A&M, Cincinnati, Duke and Florida International arent exactly what I call top notch competition. I would have alteast preferred that Dee had scheduled South Florida...

Decent road game opponents would include playing in Louisville and Charlottesville. Miami will also be looking to avenge their loss to Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

The Hurricanes have to rebuild their entire offense from top to bottom. Starters on the offensive line, they must bulk up on their wide reciever corps. Two starting cornerbacks and a glaring weakness at middle linebacker.

Best case scenerio: 10-2 with losses against Florida State at home and Louisville. The offense would shape up during the season and the defense is as good as advertised. We have immediate help in WR and Ty Moss has a solid year at running back with a possible BCS berth saving Larry Coker's job atleast one more season.

Worst case scenerio: 8-4 with losses to Virginia Tech, Florida State, Louisville and a tough opponent in Virginia at Charlottesville. The offense struggles through out the whole year failing to click with the offensive coordinator. The defense doesnt hold its ground due to an underachieving offense that gives no help and Larry Coker gets fired at the end of the season.
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