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are you fricking kidding Me? I just saw it in the newspaper. Has anyone else noticed college basketball HUGE games are getting noted porley. I guess no one cares with foot ball around. But anyway, thats crazy and that Singletary guy didn't even play last year, and they were young last year, Where was he? Is he a freshman?

Thats stunning, but I wouldn't be surprised to see another terrible season from the Cavaleirs. Was it last year or the year before they beat Kentucky in some preseason tournament. Everyone than thought they were pretty good, but they fell flat on thier face and sucked. Cavaleir fans can call us chockies in football, but they've always been the chockers (how do you spell?) in basketball. I also saw on ESPN that Iowa beat Louisville, plus I would have never known Santa Clara beat UNC if my freind wouldn't have told me, whats up with this NCAA Basetball not getting covered?
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