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Jim Rome put it so eloquently: "I don't know if that was one of the greatest, or one of the worst games I've seen."
That's because Jim Rome is a knucklehead.

The game wasn't one of the greatest, nor was it one of the worst games. It was some place in between rather than at either dramatic end of the spectrum. To me it was great, but I had something personally invested in the game. And it was dramatic as hell, so he certainly can't be worst ever. Rome is a fool.

Penn State probably wasn't as good as your typical #3, 10-1 football team and Florida St. probably wasn't as bad as they had been made out to be the past couple of weeks.

Those players were flying at the end of that game and the Seminoles made every adjustment they needed to make. Neither offense was great, but both teams showed that they occasionally could get something done and then the other responded to stop it from happening again. Austin Scott ran all over the Florida State defense in the first half, the second half saw the 'Noles get a little lower in making their tackles on Scott. Scott is tremendous at seeing a hole and getting through it, second half they let him see that hole and cut it off in a different manner.

That's one spot that PSU missed Tony Hunt, Hunt is better than Scott in two areas...making his own runs from nothing whereas Scott needs the offensive line and Scott can't block at all.

My sister called me at halftime. She was sitting in the third row. God damn I was jealous.

But did anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of late hits Micheal Robinson took all throughout the 2nd half? And FSU only got called for roughing the passer once.
I witnessed the great amount of ****ing awesome shots Robinson took all throughout the 2nd half. He took the best from that Defense and kept getting up for another. I think the one they did call was right, but I'm glad they didn't call the other ones. You should only protect the QBs so much. He was taking big shots, but they weren't late, nor cheap.
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