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You saying that Ricky, means you have NO idea how these polls are formulated.

The coaches poll is NOT done by the coaches. It is done by the schools SID's. The SID's are instructed to vote in a certain manner, not by who they think are the best teams. This manner goes like this. First they are told to vote for conference teams(for the obvious reasons, have to make your league look good). Then they are told to vote for opponents on there schedule(dont forget part of the SOS is where you fall in the polls). They are then told to vote regionally(because the majority of your conference opponents in effect play a couple of non league regional games) and then they look at the national scope last.

The AP poll may be even better. We have a bunch of people who never have played the game deciding who the best teams are. That is a joke in itself, but it gets better. They are first and foremost(like you and I) humans with biases and favorites and conference alumnis also, they will vote with there hearts. Then we have the distribution of where the voting is coming from. Its not like we have 6 different sects doing the voting, to honor the 6 different BCS leagues. If you havent noticed, 4 of the 6 BCS conferences basically inhabit one time zone. Guess where the majority of the voters are from???? That same area. The AP poll is loaded with voters on the east of the Mississippi. The majority of these voters will not see but one Pac 10 game the entire season. How can someone who never watches teams play actually vote for them? Most of the voters will attend a game, there fore they are not even at home, like us, watching several games being played. So if you dont watch games, how can you possibly vote for who the best teams are? You cant.

This system is the biggest crock going and the remnants of it(the BCS and its failures) have been shown over and over again. The biggest flaw in it all, is it reliance on polls and people voting with a bias to decide who gets to play in these games.

One other problem in all of this is COMPUTERS. I have yet to see a computer be able to factor in the human element. No computer yet has been hit by a 255 lb LB who runs a 4.4, that will change the way it operates. A computer cant factor in how an individual handles tight situations, crowd disturbance and a corner blitz. Humans play the game, not computers, humans should decide the game on the field without bias polls and computer read outs.

But I would like to see a computer tackle Onterrio Smith, that would be an interesting matchup.

This what makes NO sense.
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