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Well said Marc, but my bigger point is that we have a championship decided by people who are not playing the game, rather then by the people playing the game.

It should be decided solely by the players, not by a poll of public opinion and certainly not by computers, whose imput is again fed into computers by humans not playing the games(humans who do have there allegiances and biases just like the other polls).

There is no perfect solution, just like the NCAA basketball tourney is not perfect and just like the DIV 1AA and DIV 2 an 3 playoffs arent perfect. BUT they do allow the players to decide who is deserving of eventually playing for the title. And if it can be done in every other sport at all levels, it surely can be done in this day and age at the DIV 1A level.

What I want is fairness or the closest possible thing to that. What we have now is a system that is no better then the fans voting for the baseball all star game. Were not getting the most deserving, where getting what certain people want to see. It should be the best getting to play.
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