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Do they have a 9 month playoff in D-1AA? The answer is no. They play a 11 game regular season schedule, followed by a 16 team playoff. 2 teams in the country end up playing 15 games. That is not that big of a difference then we have now, yet they end up having a much truer National that earns it by playing and winning 4 playoff games.

If we were to actually have a 16 team playoff, I wouldnt complain near as much about the ludicrous polls we have now. Even the idiots who are doing the voting in the polls, would at least get all the truly deserving teams into a 16 team playoff and have a few teams a touch below the top ones. But none of the deserving teams get left out............this is the most important part of it.

A 16 team playoff requires 15 total games. There are presently 28 bowl games. We can use 15 bowl games, so as to still appease the old boy network and sponsors and rotate the championship game yearly between the 4 present BCS bowls, as they are doing now. The remaning 13 bowls can still invite teams, as they do now, to play in there meaningless bowl games, because that what they truly are right now....meaningless. They are a reason for alumni to get together and party and sponsors to make a buck. With the present 28 bowl games, it makes for 56 of the 117 teams to get bowl bids. There is nobody that can argue this is kind of rediculous. With this new set up, 16 teams in the playoff and 26 in the 13 other bowl games, we have 42 teams playing in a bowl or playoff bowl games.

On top of this. We now have 15 truly meaningful bowl games(as part of the playoff system) as opposed to the ONE we have now. An example:
1st round bowl games:
Holiday Bowl
Alamo Bowl
Silicon Valley Bowl
Sun Bowl
Liberty Bowl
Peach Bowl
Gator Bowl Bowl

Quarterfinal Bowl games:
Cotton Bowl
Citrus Bowl
Outback Bowl
Sugar bowl(which would be in the rotation with the other 4 present 4 BCS bowl games)

Semi Final Bowls:
Rose Bowl
Orange Bowl

Championship game:
Fiesta Bowl

Now everyone of those bowl games has now become MORE important then it was before the playoff system. The money generated would be incredible for all the bowls and old guard behind the scenes. The SUN bowl would sell out in a heart beat if it meant something, presently, hardly anyone attends. Many of the bowls have this problem. Problem solved with meaningful games. The Holiday Bowl has had 2 straight incredible games and neither one of them has come close to selling out. It would now. TV revenue would quadruple with the amount of people that would now watch the Peach Bowl.

As fans you cant tell me this wouldnt be more exciting to both talk about and watch. We would have 15 games to argue over with importance attached to them. Presently we have one, that often doesnt even have the best two teams playing in it.

We have now kept all the bowl games intact. Still have gotten 42 of the 58 teams into bowls(we really dont need anymore then that). I could easily point out 16 teams that had no business going to a bowl game a year ago, including my beloved SC. We only have 2 teams that will play 15 games(not unreasonable), 2 more that would play 14 games and 4 more that would end up playing 13 games, which really is no different then now.

But we would get the most difinitive champion we have ever had in D-1A football.

Another example of how it would make things a little more fair to everyone. I'll use this years USC team and Texas. Texas has a very good chance to go to a BCS game. But if they had played the same non league slate as USC would they? What if USC had played Texas non league slate? USC would have easily won those 4 games that Texas had scheduled, but Texas would have struggled to beat the 4 non league games that SC scheduled. But because Texas scheduled cupcakes an won and SC schedule tough but lost one of those games, they will be left out for sure. but with a 16 team playoff, they wouldnt be.
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