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Coming in a little late, here, but I don't believe that AI makes his teammates better -- the proof is in Philadelphia. His supporting cast wasn't as good as it is in Denver, true, but in such a pathetic conference and such a lousy division, you'd think a player as "valuable" as Iverson would take his team to the playoffs and maybe, you know, advance past the first round. Aside from the 2001 run, it's always been one-and-done. And that was in the East!

Questions abound whether or not his ego can co-exist with Carmelo's. Iverson has a dubious history of either running second bananas out of town, or rendering them useless (Stackhouse, Hughes, Glenn Robinson, Webber). He says this is Melo's team, but we'll see what happens when they're both on the court.

The West is much too difficult for the Nuggets to make a vast improvement. ASSUMING EVERYONE IS HEALTHY:

1. Spurs
2. Suns
3. Mavs (yes, I realize they're 2-0 up on the Suns)
4. Jazz
5. Lakers
6. Rockets
7. Nuggets
8. ??? (Golden State?)

Denver out in the first round of the playoffs. Four games.
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