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The Breed
Directed by Nicholas Mastandrea
Written by Robert Conte and Peter Martin Wortmann
Starring Hill Harper, Oliver Hudson, Eric Lively, Taryn Manning and Michelle Rodriguez

Considered to be one of the greatest horror film directors of all-time, Wes Craven helmed countless genre favorites like the original The Hills Have Eyes, Nightmare on Elm Street and Swamp Thing. Craven and writer Kevin Williamson were also the driving force behind the recent decade-long resurgence in horror movies with their 1996 hit Scream. But the 67-year old Craven has also found his name attached to the some of the worst horror films of the last few years, including Dracula 2000, Feast and this year's unintentionally-funny flick The Breed.

The story follows John (Oliver Hudson) and his younger brother Matt (Eric Lively), along with three of their college-aged pals, who decide to spend a weekend vacation on a remote island at a log cabin where their deceased uncle used to live. The friends spend most of their time lounging around on the island, catching some much needed rest and relaxation, before vacationer Sara (Taryn Manning) is bitten by an unprovoked stray dog.

While attending to her wound, Matt recalls a story about a compound a mile from the cabin that used to train attack dogs, only to be forced into closing down because of a rabies outbreak. Soon, Matt and his friends find themselves trapped in the log cabin that has quickly become surrounded by numerous rabid dogs, with all five desperate to find their way back home before they are all viciously and fatally attacked.

Brought to the big-screen by first-time director Nicholas Mastandrea, The Breed is an unfocused and disjointed film. A former associate producer and assistant director on a number of recent Wes Craven movies, Mastandrea's hideous directing along with Robert Conte and Peter Martin Wortmann's (Who's Harry Crumb?) shoddy script and Giulio Biccari's shabby cinematography all amount to one of the more deeply flawed scare flicks of all-time.

The action sequences involving the dogs are very comical, with the canines in The Breed proving to be less frightful than the beast on the other side of the fence in the kiddie-flick The Sandlot. None of the characters in the movie are truly developed and therefore are unlikeable as your typical frat boys and sorority sisters who spend the majority of their time soaking up the sun while guzzling extreme amounts of alcohol and discussing only trite sexual scenarios.

Michelle Rodriguez (BloodRayne, TV's Lost) is the only actor in the film that possesses any type of screen presence, but is underutilized and is placed in too many preposterous situations. Manning (A Lot Like Love, Hustle & Flow) also suffers from a lack of development, with her character Sara only recognizable for her whiny nature. Hudson (Black Christmas, TV's Dawson's Creek), Lively (TV's The L Word) and Hill Harper all trade off one-liners and turn in equally hammy performances.

An ill-conceived film from start to finish, The Breed is an embarrasing picture that offers nothing new for fans of the horror movie genre.


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