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This is going to be a strange year.... G.B. and B.G. haven't started talking about the new CBA, and if they don't start by the All-Star Break at the LATEST, it probably won't get worked out by 12:00AM, September 15, 2004.

My 20th birthday, September 14, 2004, will be a day to remember if a new CBA isn't signed -- the last time we may see world class hockey in North America for a few months or a year, with the Gold Medal Game of the World Cup of Hockey being played in Toronto (so now you all know what you can get me for my 20th birthday ).

Before that, however, there will be a full NHL season to play. With an inevitable work stoppage on the rise, it is only fitting that two Canadian teams play in the Stanley Cup Finals this year, and the two teams with the best chance from last year have an even better chance this year, with more experience under their belt form extended playoff runs in 2003: the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Canucks.

Perhaps it is a LOT of wishful thinking, as Cloutier needs to play a little better in the playoffs, and the Sens need a little more fire power up front in the postseason, but it would be ideal if these two teams faced off versus each other for the first all-Canadian Stanley Cup Finals since 1989.

Whether the Canucks can finally put it all together this year for a Western Conference Championship or not, I am going with the Ottawa Senators to bring home Lord Stanley of Preston's Challenge Cup back to the Dominion of Canada, where it should have stayed all these past 110 years. I don't even care if it is the Toronto Maple Leafs, I just hope the 111th winner of the Stanley Cup is North of the 49th parallel.

.....even though Toronto is technically well below the 49th parallel .
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