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Originally Posted by Shawndo
Shaq + Wade + Riley = championship, barring injuries. Shaq's notorious for only showing up when it counts, but when he does show up- look out.
I definetely think I overrated this Miami team too, but I'll save any real further analysis on them until after the All Star break. But right now, there's no way they can beat Detroit in a 7 game series. No Way. But the funny thing is that even with their highly mediocre record so far, the new three-division playoff seeding system probably already makes them a lock for 2 seed because of a horrible Atlantic Division and not much competition coming from the SouthEast either.

And it's also really stupid that either Indy or Cleveland is going to be a 4 seed when Philly is the number 3 with homecourt advantage. This new system is David Stern's worst move in years if you ask me.
"We don't throw at .260 hitters" Jason Varitek, July 2004

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