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Well Shawn, let's not kid ourselves. Jordan was a jerk to his teammates. A huge jerk. I think the number of stories about fights between him and his teammates that were never made public would be staggering.

If Jordan had the talent of a run of the mill all-star, and not of one of the top-3 players of all time, he would have bounced from team to team because no one would have been able to stand him.

But Jordan made his teammates better, and no matter what you say about Kobe and how talented he is, he does not make his teammates better. Both players are/were selfish, mostly because both players realized that they had to be. But Jordan's competitive streak made him defer when it was necessary and everyone of his teammates were better players when Jordan was on the floor.

Kobe, it seems, doesn't have the trust in his teammates or doesn't care as long as he gets his shots in. When he retires, he will be remembered as a great player, there's no doubt about that. But he will never be put on the same level as Jordan.
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