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Nihilist is a bit strong Kevin. True nihilists believe that there is no foundation for hope and that extreme measures are necessary (violent) to correct problems. In politics, the left actually has economic, moral, and factual evidence to promote it's way of life (not the mainstream cowards mind you). Again, all this is subjective. But that's another thread.

Political debate aside, the reason why I'm so hard on my teams is because I hold them to higher standards than their peers (and here is the important part) based on past success AND THE VALUES AND WORK ETHIC THEY OPERATED UNDER TO ATTAIN THAT PLACE WHICH I BELIEVE TO BE BETTER...NOT MORALLY SUPERIOR...THAN THEIR COUTNERPARTS. In this case, there's no reason why the Lakers should be where they are. There's also no reason why Ohio State (sorry to through football in here) hasn't won a Big Ten title outright since 1984.

I hate to keep rehasing this stuff. I'm not sure I ever get my point cross. I just ask that people make good judgements and live up to their abilities. You don't have to necessarily win. God knows I fail at a ton of stuff I do on a personal level.

But that's why my favorite Laker team post-Showtime is definitely the 1994-96 squad (Divac, Campbell, Ceballos, Jones, Van Exel). They worked hard and produced according to their ability. Why would I...or any of us in impressed with someone who worst...operating against the values of which we believe in ( quote Herm Edwards..."you play to win"). At best, he honestly believes that his actions improve the state of his team (some of much we've debated his own personal doing). If that's the case, he's a damn fool. No playoff team (even nowadays, with these idiots out there) is going to care if he scores 80 a night in the first round as long as the Lakers get eliminated in 4 or 5 games (which they will...if they make it). When Jordan torched the Celtics and lost, I thought to myself...that's let's get down to who the champion is (cause Jordan wasn't there yet).

Take your pick on Kobe, cause I really don't care. I'm too busy gushing in private over the Pistons.

Another note...

I stated in my first post that Kevin Ollie was a waste of cash. It's Aaron McKie, not Ollie on the Laker roster eating up dough. That's how much the guy has been worth...couldn't even recall him and no one caught it.
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