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Originally Posted by destro View Post
Im not a Mich fan so I dont know anyhting about them this year. or is Vandy that good of a team? I was expecting this game to be a 40-10 whooping, but it was a ok game up until the last 6 minutes of the 4th quarter
Your thread:" Is Michigan overrated"?, makes no sense at all! You obviously did not watch the game. You probally just watched the ESPN highlights. Michigan is more like "underrated"! Beating a team 27-7,and only holding them to 7 points(TD) is a whooping. The wolverines defense dominated Vanderbilt.
Did you watch the Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech game? Why did you not post in the threads that Notre Dame is overrated? The score was 14-10 in favor of Notre Dame. GT dominated most of that game too.

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