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This weekend I like...

Cards over the Panthers. Lot of people seem to think Carolina has this really formidable defense, but the truth is they play NO defense whatsoever. They have good linebackers and Peppers and that's about it. Plus, Jake Delhomme is the most wildly inconsistent QB in the league whereas Warner is a borderline hall of famer. Zona stopped Turner, so why can't they stop Williams? The only thing that really bothers me is the fact they gave Whisenhunt a Gatorade bath after winning a first round game, but I'll just chalk that up to inexperience and move on.

Eagles over Giants. It's a toss-up but, gun to my head, I'll take and root for the Eagles. I would be surprised by absolutely no outcome in that game, though. Really I'm just pulling for McNabb to McNab (TM) a little more redemption. Seems like an all right guy so who cares if he doesn't understand how overtime works? Giants miss Plaxico.

Steelers over the Chargers and Baltimore over Tennessee. I think fate is conspiring to pit those two teams against each other in the championship game. We seem to always miss out on the dream matchup, but I really hope we get it this year. Ravens in Pitt would be epic.
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