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DETMURDS has a little shameless behavior in the past

Originally Posted by DETMURDS View Post
If the World Trade Center, USS Cole, two embassies, who knows how many dead in Iraq and Afghanistan since CBS stopped counting since the beginning of this Obama administration isn't enough hatred, what more hatred could there be? Incite more hatred? Really?

Anyhow, my point was on Obama's respect for the "religion" of a terrorist, and I don't give an F who it incites hatred from when he continuously shows full disrespect to other religions on a regular basis! Separation of what and what? Don't be a hypocrite, even though it does not say anywhere in our Constitution there is regulation stating separation of Church and State! NOT AT ALL!

Please Marc,...bring your smartest response,...but think about it before you post it,...think really hard.
You still thinking?
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