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Tough call. BJ and McGinest are the two who I'd split my vote on.

Why? Simple enough for both.
BJ ran back a touchdown to end the first half and extend a lead that had just shortened to 7 back to 14. Also, BJ ran back the kickoff that followed the tying touchdown to the Indy 35, and provided a short field for Brady to retake the lead.

McGinest had a fine game, and is in the middle of a fine season. Two things give him consideration. One is the poll's noted stop. What the poll overlooks is his "injury" that stopped the clock with a minute remaining and allowed the defense to catch its breath and gameplan its final few plays.

We don't know that McGinest was faking an injury, but I think one thing has been really overlooked by the folks who joke about it being fake: both he and Ty Law, each veterans, each having been Belichick players for most of their careers, came up lame after the same play. Only McGinest, who was closer to the Pats sideline, warranted the attention of the staff. Law started to limp in the direction of the sideline until he saw McGinest hobbled and collapse... suddenly, Law's limp was fine, and he played the final few plays.

I'm going to give my vote to BJ, though, because if McGinest didn't get James, Washington did. James had no chance up the gut...

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