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Dave, I have been thinking the same thing all season about OU not playing anyone, and I even made a thread on why their strength of schedule was higher than Florida a few weeks ago.

Oklahoma has not played a good defense yet. I am not even going to say Kansas State's defense is good, because everyone blasted them for giving up huge plays to Cal and then losing to Marshall, as Marshall just pounded the ball on them.

On the subject of Texas, obviously the toughest opponent for OU, and Texas lost to Arkanslaw by 10 at home. That is the same Arkanslaw team that got beat by LSU by 31. Texas is soft, and when they face a physical team they fall off the face of the earth. Note they have been playing much better with Vincent Young the full time starter, but I still think they are soft.

I want to see the two best teams play in the national title game, and at this very moment the two best teams playing are LSU and USC.

Here I was thinking the way to beat OU was to put pressure on Jason White, and all Kansas State did was pretty much play zone defense. OU has looked dominant vs. can't play defense competition. They have already been dethroned, and does anybody want to label them as the best team of all time now?

The BCS did not work this year, and has not worked in at least 3 if not 4 of the 6 years it has been into existence. The only years it really worked out was 1999 and 2002. It was a disaster in 2001 and now 2003, and very questionable in 2000 when Miami beat FSU and got jipped out of the title game, as well as Washington that season. In 1998 it was not as questionable, but 1 loss FSU got in over some fairly deserving schools as well, and ones who actually had their starting quarterback at the time.

The BCS does not work on a CONSISTENT basis.

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