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Smith had a team option (along with a $500,000 bonus) that was declined by the Pats.
Smith's next step is uncertain. What seems a fair bet is this: whereever he ends up, he'll probably be the #2 back. Even in NE.

Just because the Pats voided the contract by not signing off on two more years of paying a second-tier running back first-tier money doesn't mean he won't be re-signed to a new contract. The Pats didn't want to give the money he was due, and who can blame them. Since he signed the contract he signed, he's been mediocre at best. He sucked all of last year, and was only good in December, Jan and Feb this year.

The Pats seem an incredibly bad fit for Clarett. He's not a football first guy, and Belichick isn't big on non-football-first guys.

IF they draft a running back, look to the second round. Personally, I'm pulling for Greg Jones of FSU, but honestly, I expect they'll pick up a RB in the draft and sign one from free agency. Or skip the draft pick altogether, and give it up for a restricted free agent.

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