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Giants will spoil everybody's party.

They wrecked Dallas's great # 1 seed season.
They wrecked Green Bay's charmed "Brett's last stand" season.
Now, they are going to wreck New England's perfect season
(and Shula's mouth will continue to shoot on...and on...and on...)

Remember the '85 KC Royals? Barely over .500, they win the
weak AL West, get hot, and win the World Series, but barely the
10th best team in MLB.

Remember 19-10 Villanova upsetting their way to the NCAA Finals,
and then taking out Pat Ewing's # 1 Georgetown Hoyas? Unranked
team wins the tournament.

Same deal. The crappy NY Giants will win the Super Bowl and then claim
they are the best team in Pro Football. You watch and see.
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