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First off... sorry for calling you a "fair weather" fan - I know you are passionate (as crazy as you are!)

Dude,,, you put all the blame on McNabb... and yeah, the QB always gets jobbed in that aspect - but I cant put that loss on McNabb.

Their defense played horrible and the Eagles found themselves in a big hole in the first half. McNabb then played great football but the defense could not step up when they needed them to.

It was a team loss IMO... saying McNabb choked is just what all the Philly fans do... I seriously have more respect for McNabb after this season. That guy gets the most sh1t I've ever seen a QB get and he just laughs it off. Dude's got a good attitude if you ask me.

Right now, McNabb gives the Eagles the best shot at a SB... I'll agree Reid could go - I do think they need a change at head coach, and there are a lot of coaches out there right now.

But lay off McNabb... jeez...
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