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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
What about the fact that the offense didn't score a touchdown in the first half? That in no way contributed to the hole?
You can't throw that all on McNabb's shoulders. Where was the running game to help support him in the first half. One of the reasons they did not score was because they tried establishing a run game and it did not happen. Once again the o-line was doing nothing to open holes for the backs when trying to run between the tackles.

But their cornerbacks were completely overmatched in a purely physical sense by Arizona's receivers. There has never been a 5'10" CB in NFL history worth the money they paid Assante Samuel.
And if not for Samuel's two picks that setup TDs they may not have been playing this past Sunday.

If McNabb had a "good attitude," T.O. would still be an Eagle and McNabb might have been looking for One For The Thumb this year.
I doubt it. It does not look like he is going to make to next season in Dallas. The only reason he is still there is because Jerry Jones has some sort of fetish for the guy. If it were up to the coaches he would have been sent packing already.

On that 4th-down pass on the last drive, he must have thought Kevin Curtis was Yao Ming or something.

But then again, that's typical of McNabb in big games.
So, you are completely oblivious to the fact that the guy covering Curtis fell into him knocking him off stride on that last play then? If Curtis is allowed to run that route cleanly he makes the catch but as it was the defender fell into him knocking him off balance causing him to come up short on making the catch.

Or are you implying McNabb should have realized Curtis was going to be knocked off stride magically readjusted in midthrow to make sure Curtis makes that catch?

The incompletion on that last throw had nothing to do with what McNabb, or Curtis for that matter, did or did not do and everything to do with the fact that the referee's allowed the defender to knock Curtis off of his route and not call anything.
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