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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
What about the fact that the offense didn't score a touchdown in the first half? That in no way contributed to the hole?
But their cornerbacks were completely overmatched in a purely physical sense by Arizona's receivers. There has never been a 5'10" CB in NFL history worth the money they paid Assante Samuel.

If McNabb had a "good attitude," T.O. would still be an Eagle and McNabb might have been looking for One For The Thumb this year.

On that 4th-down pass on the last drive, he must have thought Kevin Curtis was Yao Ming or something.

But then again, that's typical of McNabb in big games.
I'll answer them in order...

1. I like how you said the offense did not score a TD... ok right there bro... the offense... McNabb is not the whole offense. Sure they struggled - but had defense even stepped up a tiny bit, maybe the hole would not have been so big. So again, cant blame McNabb. Did he play great the 1st half? No... I'll admit that. But his second half play made up for it IMO.

As far as Asante is concerned... hey man, I'm a Pats fan so you don't want to go there with me you guys can have him as far as I'm concerned! :thumbdown:

2. Ah Owens... you always come back to him... why do you defend this dueche bag? He has constantly proven he is a cancer. Sometime I wanna put you in a headlock cuz you defend TO so much!!
But seriously... McNabb takes so much crap and he has a funny attitude about it. I respect that.

3. 4th down pass... maybe the WR should have stayed on his feet. He fell down an blew it. Not McNabb's fault IMO
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