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Tennesee is Florida Gators' NFL counterparts against Peyton Manning. Peyton has never defeated the Titans in the NFL, and if any indications follow the latter half of last season in which Tennessee was revived to dominate the AFC (minus Oakland), than the Titans just might hoist the AFC South trophies again.

Edgerrin James and his Indianapolis-backers are intent on saying that he is back despite injury problems. If that's true, AFC South foes have something to worry about. Reggie Wayne has disappointed me during the preseason, but Dallas Clark was a very good draft pick in early action. Add Marvin Harrison, Marcus Pollard, and perhaps a defense that could get even better despite losing Mike Peterson.

Jacksonville is on the brink of a QB controversy. Brunell's 6 million dollar contract is wasting away now with QB Byron Leftwich on board. Fred Taylor needs to stay healthy because the #2 back is questionable with Elvis Joseph and LaBrandon Toefield vying for the job. Jimmy Smith is still the reliable but no longer a deep threat. Donald Hayes was a great addition to the receiving corps. The Offensive line is rebuilt and retooled but may need a little while before becoming fully appreciated. And defense? They got Reggie McGrew, Hugh Douglas, Keith Mitchell and Mike Peterson....all of whom are predicted to start.

Houston as an expansion team needs no more hits and yet they get them. Tony Boselli retired. David Carr is going to be tested on toughness and durability. Stacey Mack, a questionable starting running back is in the Texans backfield. Don't deny this team one thing...Dom Capers is an excellent expansion coach and he has this team right on schedule...and his players play hard for him.
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