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Walker has a career 32.8% average from the three-point line; he has made 61 of 227 three pointers this season for a season average of 26.9%. In my opinion, the simple fact that he scored 183 points (of 748, for about 25%) from behind the arc makes him a good enough shooter to be a threat. 30% of all his shot attempts have been three-pointers, and he's converted 27% of those. Simple math enables one to notice that three-point shooting percentage need not be sky-high for a player to score effecitvely from the area; because to score 183 points, as Walker did, one can shoot: 92 two-point field goals (184 pts); 183 free throws; or 61 three-pointers.

According to Walker's season three-point percentage, he needed 227 attempts to score 183 points. His two-point percentage, obtained by subtracting the made and attempted stats for three-pointers from the overall made-attempted stat, is 49 percent. He would need to attempt 188 two-point field goals to make 92, and score 184 points. Subtract 61 from 92 and get 31, which is the difference between shots made from two-point range and three-point range. Next, subtract 188 from 227 and get 39, which is the difference between shots attempted. Now you know that with 39 more three-point attempts, Walker would have made 31 less shots, yet scored the same number of points. The three-pointer is a low-percentage shot, but what counts in the end is always the score.
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