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In total agreement with buckeye about Mike Patrick, except on the Sean Taylor thing. There wasn't replay evidence of the spitting until about a week after the game. The guys saw a replay with some jawing and Pittman hitting Taylor in the head. Based on the evidence available, I thought their reaction was pretty sensible and -- at the time -- totally justified. Plus, once they got the call from the field about the spitting incident, they responded to that appropriately. And that is the only time you will ever hear me defend the old SNF lineup.

I agree with the general consensus that the new MNF is weak. Tirico is a downgrade from Michaels, who isn't really good, but is good enough. Theismann has been terrible the last few years, but he could be really good with the right lineup, away from that monkey crew in the SNF booth. Kornheiser's a funny guy, but he doesn't know jack about football. And having not one but TWO sideline reporters sounds a little bit like my personal version of hell.

Kornheiser is the definition of a color man who is not an analyst, like Dennis Miller or Paul Maguire, and we all know how those guys worked out. He's totally the wrong person to pair with Theismann. Put Joe with someone serious and he can be a really good analyst. Put him with a wiseguy and he'll be just as sickening as he was with Patrick and Maguire, widely considered the worst NFL broadcast team around for the last few years.

Also, anyone else notice that this means both the color guys are from Washington? Our nation's capital is quickly becoming the third point in an unholy Boston-New York-DC trinity of sports media domination.

Football fans are going to HATE this lineup.
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