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Originally Posted by LA sports
This guy is so far off. College football is far better than the NFL. Most of his reasons are simply wrong. He talks about rivalries, no sport has more than college football, this guy is not very bright. He says that there are a lot of NFL teams that have a chance at the Super Bowl, is he trying to say their are more teams than have a chance at the NC?

Plus college football does not have hold outs. As far as the cheerleaders showing skin, NFL cheerleaders wear hose on their legs while many of the college cheerleaders are just showing skin and those college cheerleaders are getting mighty skimpy with the uniforms as well. Plus do they lift the NFL cheerleaders in the air like in college, don't think so.

You also see a lot more ego in the NFL and less team spirit. To me it's not even close.

Of course then again you may not exactly be unbiased here, since you reside in the biggest "college town" of all - Los Angeles! :lol:

But more seriously, I can come up with a few areas where the college game is superior, including:

1. If, on a 1st-and-10 play, the defense commits a foul which carries a 5-yard penalty and an automatic first down (defensive holding, etc.), they do not move the chains in college, making the next play 1st-and-5; in the NFL they do, and the next play becomes 1st-and-10 (which has the net effect of penalizing defensive holding less severely than an offsides in that same situation, which makes no sense whatsoever).

2. In college, offensive pass interference carries a 5-yard penalty and a loss of down, instead of 10 yards and no loss of down in the NFL (if defensive pass interference carries an automatic first down even if the spot of the foul was short of the first-down marker, shouldn't what's good for the goose be good for the gander?).

3. And I also like the college rule which gives the defense on a conversion attempt a chance to score if they come up with a turnover.
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