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Originally Posted by Ricky the Kid View Post
Maybe they don't. I don't know what they think. I'm just saying, every thread doesn't have to end in the same ridiculous fashion. Now that you explained your point a little more I guess I see what you were trying to do. A "we're hicks, but so are you" deal. Okay, I can appreciate that. Probably not really very accurate, but I get it. Anyway, I don't really ever recall doing anything that could be called "attacking" with regards to you, except in my last post. Either way, no point in dragging this out, I don't care anymore.

Guess I don't really consider Vandy much of a team in any conference. I did overlook them, however, none of the powerhouse SEC schools seem to travel to play big time schools. All those matchups were home games for the SEC anyway...I don't fault Arkansas for that however, they did play USC away last year. However, you can't deny the trend. And to say Ohio State wouldn't schedule a team like UF is just plain wrong considering they are finishing up a series with Texas this weekend and have USC lined up among others.
Yeah, I'm tired of dragging it out and having to explain my posts to you, too. I guess I will just sit back and laugh to myself from now on when anyone makes a stereotypical joke on these boards at the South or SEC Football's expense. Lord knows if I try to counter, I get jumped on.........

You are right Ricky, I can't deny the trend, but won't some of the SEC schools have to travel out west next year?

Regarding OSU vs OOC powerhouse teams: Yes, they have a series with Texas and I guess they will play USC, but honestly: when have they (OSU) tried to schedule a game or games with an SEC school? Could any of you guys give me actual proof that they have attempted to set up on their schedule to play Florida, Georgia, Auburn, etc.? You guys drone on and on about how the SEC is "scared" to play the Big Ten during the regular season, but I think the burden of proof of that statement belongs on you guys.
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