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For the record, I was far more upset over the fact that Issue 5 passed in Ohio, than the fact that the Dems took over Congress...I really did not care who won at all.

Anyway, I would have to disagree with some in here that this is a trend, that will lead right into '08. This election, IMO, is a slight deviation from a larger trend, going the other way. Anyone who considers himself conservative should be pleased with the result of the election.

The Republicans, frankly, deserved to loose. They were a stagnant party, getting nothing positive accomplished, and spending more than the party they call "the big government people". Then you throw in the little side issues of corruption and all that. Apparently, they couldn't handle 12 years of power without it going completely to their heads.

Bush was a lame duck before this election, he was a lame duck since after his reelection. For Republicans, having a Democrat controlled Congress changes little. The main thing will be immigration, Bush will get his patty-cake immigration bill through, and his laughable No Child Left Behind bill, but we all knew that nothing serious was going to be done about immigration (the root causes behind it) anyway, and the No Child Bill is just another example of the wild, unneccessary broadening of Federal power. Being a minority party for a while should be good for the Republicans, I think.

Also, and this is where I really disagree with some, this sets the Republicans up nicely for the Presidential race in '08. Now that Democrats are the majority party, they will be expected to contribute something, and if they do that is great for the war and the country...if they don't then the country will see it, and the Dems will loose. Its not as easy to govern as it is to point out flaws in others while they are governing. This will be a lesson soon learned.

The Democrats very smartly did not run on anything this cycle. They won't be able to do that in '08. That is why I feel this is a temporary shift. If you want my prediction, we're looking at a President Mitt Romney.
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