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Its not as easy to govern as it is to point out flaws in others while they are governing. This will be a lesson soon learned.
Maybe, but it's not like the Democrats haven't been in charge before. Which leads me to...

Originally Posted by catman View Post
The Democrats won the election without having any real plans to move the country forward, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. They have not had a legitimate new idea to move the country forward in over a generation.
I think you mean, "They don't have any new ideas that I agree with." If you think they really have no governing philosophy, platform, and practice, I'd be happy to send you a buncha links.

I agree to a point with Ricky's prediction...there will probably be a lot of "compromise" bills passed that no one is happy about, as Buch will veto anything large-scale that is counter to Republican philosophy. I don't see the voters holding that against the Democrats in 2008, especially if they note how much better the economy genereally seems to run in modern times under Democratic stewardship.

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