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No matter what the talking heads say, I refuse to believe that Iraq was the deciding issue in this election. Have we become a nation of quitters all of a sudden?

On the contrary, there is strong evidence to suggest that the biggest reason for the Democratic juggernaut was economic: In two states alone - Pennsylvania and Ohio - the Republicans lost two Senate seats and five House seats. And for further confirmation of the prominence of economic issues in this election, state ballot initiatives to increase the minimum wage went six for six, if I'm not mistaken.

And unless the political landscape changes dramatically within the next two years, the Republicans are going to have a hard time holding onto the White House in 2008: They're in trouble even in their base in the South, where they could lose as many as four states: Louisiana (an absolute slam dunk for the Democrats thanks to the Katrina fiasco), Virginia (it seems as if the political "Mason-Dixon Line" now runs about halfway through the state), Florida, and Missouri (where the liberals swept both ends of the doubleheader on Tuesday - the Senate seat and the stem cell vote). Elsewhere, the Republicans lost two House seats in Iowa (including the stunning upset of Jim Leach) and even the Mountain West is starting to look shaky for them (a state like Montana shouldn't have even been in play, and Arizona's rejection of a gay-marriage ban is further proof that the West is starting to resent what they see as Southern domination of the Republican Party).

So long as the Democrats don't take another walk on the wild side in choosing their nominee, they've got an excellent chance of recapturing the Presidency in two years (a Hillary Clinton-Wesley Clark ticket sounds about right).
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