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A little late but...

I voted for Swann and Santorum - I'm in PA in case you couldn't tell. Why?

Well, first off it had nothing to do with the war. I'm so sick of the war. I used to think I supported it and it looked alright initially and on paper, but this is getting ridiculous. How much longer are we going to be over there? My cousin comes home for a few months after serving a 1 1/2 years and now they're saying he may have to go back over! Come on! I'm not in favor of an immediate withdrawl - as I would assume most anti-war people are as well (correct me if I'm wrong) - but we really need to start pulling out of there. I think my feeling right now are not anti-war, but rather pure frustration with how thing are going. America has it's problems, too, you know!

OK, anyways...I'm a fiscal conservative (big fan of Reagan) and I think that Santorum and Swann would have done more to keep government out of the economy. The smaller the government, the better. I suppose this border the beliefs of being a libertarian, but I do have some feelings on some social issues, but I haven't fully thought about them as much as I have. Perhaps I will eventually become a libertarian. Who knows.

But I felt like Santorum would continue to do good things for PA. Not that I don't think Casey will, but I liked the way PA was going.

Nonetheless, I completely see why the American people voted the way they did...To show their frustration with the President (who's approval ratings dropped again - if anybody saw that). I'm frustrated. I know that.
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