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I think A-Rod is worth the money, it's just that teams have to have the desire to continue after getting ARod. Which is really tough to do. Because if you come up short, then you wind up losing money in the end.

But in terms of just ARods value? I mean, if you told me, in an isolated spot, that ARod was worth 30-35 million I would believe it, because it makes sense. You make money off of ARod, the question is really, you still have to get more talent because ARod alone won't make them a winner. And most teams just don't have the willpower to do that, I think.

I think a couple good spots...San Fran, Detroit, Atlanta. All these teams because they have good young pitching. They wouldn't have to go out of their way to expand payroll and get into bad pitching contracts. None of these teams would be pressed financially, ARod would pay for himself, and there would be a good shot of winning a Championship already in there.
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