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Atlanta does not really have good young pitching per se. After Hudson and Smoltz there really is not much to be excited about there. Besides if they get A-Rod what do they do with Chipper or Escobar? Atlanta has never shown any interest in spending that kind of cash on someone and if they were to go get him you can count on Texiera not being a Brave after next season. Besides, the Brave offense is fine they were 9th in baseball in runs scored last season and only 12 behind the Angels who scored the 6th most runs. They need more depth in the rotation as their starters were only 13th in ERA.

The big thing about giving a guy like A-Rod that kind of money is you are setting yourself up to pay the luxury tax if you want to compete and not many teams can afford to pay the amount of money the Yanks have been paying out in luxury tax charges the past few years.

While you potentially make cash off of having A-Rod on your team the big question is do you think you will be able to win a championship with A-Rod on your roster. He seems to bring a bit of drama with him to the clubhouse and he has not exactly shown he can step it up and help lead a team to the promised land. You look at how guys like Pujols, Papi, Man-Ram, and Pudge have lead teams to multiple WS appearances since the Yanks last won one you have to wonder if it is worth it to spend that kind of money who does elevate a team to the next level when their are guys out there who make far less that help elevate teams to that level.
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