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Originally Posted by catman View Post
I live like that and I'm crazier than Buck, or at least so I've been told. I'm a nurse, not a teacher.
By the way, the "dusting" we expected today turns out to be a bigger snow event than the last one which was supposed to be a big storm.
I'm tired of winter.
I found a site that keeps track of the snowfall for the season. It's pretty interesting cat.

Here is Des Moines (not sure how close you are):

51.4'' for the year

Not too shabby.

I've become more and more interested in weather since I found a book in my supply room at school a few weeks back. I'm reading it, doing the work and then testing myself. It's pretty neat.


The snow is therapy for me. I've got 4-6 kids buried underneath snow piles as I type this.

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