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Originally Posted by Richard the Lionheart View Post
In this country, it is true that whichever was the more progressive party has been more active in campaigning for human rights abroad while the right-wing party was more isolationist (think of Thomas Jefferson, TR, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Kennedy) yet recently we have seen a reversal in that department. I think that is one of Anthony's points...and mine. The reason for this, obviously, is partisanship. Whether a cause is just or not now depends upon the political affiliation of the man who embarks upon it. That's how base and fluffy our political discourse has become...congratulations, America!
How have we seen a "reversal in that department?"

"Progressives," and Democrats are still more likely to campaign for human rights abroad...

Don't even say Iraq... Everyone here knows that we are not in Iraq to "free the Iraqi people."
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