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To be honest I think the Big East is a bit overrated to begin with.
I was curious about this line when I originally responded, and the ESPN guys talking about the strength of the Big East on the Gameday show this morning got me thinking about it again.

If they are overrated as a Conference, then who is better, or better yet, why do you consider them overrated?

The talk this year is Big East v. ACC.

The ACC always looks good, so it doesn't surprise me what they are doing. The past three years, though, they have 3 Sweet 16s. Duke in 06, then North Carolina, North Carolina. THREE.

In the same time frame, here are the Big East teams in the Sweet 16...

06: West Virginia, Villanova, Georgetown, UCONN
07: Pittsburgh Georgetown
08: West Virginia, Villanova, Louisville

In the recent years, it's between the Big East and Pac 10 for best basketball. 3 Sweet Sixteens last year for the Pac-10. 3 in 2007. 2 in 2006.

The SEC has been solid over that time frame. 2, 3, 1 on the appearances. But, last year they were kind of down in the Tournament, so I don't want to put them up there just quite yet.

All, I'm saying, is that they have been one of the two best conferences in terms of consistency the last three years as only they and the Pac-10 haven't really been down.

Anyway, I point that out not to declare the Big East the best conference, but just to refute the idea that they are overrated.

There is only one Conference that is overrated and that is the ACC. The simple reason is because they are style, not substance. When it comes to grinding games, they struggle. The Big East has that from day one in Conference play that the top teams in the ACC just don't see.

I was watching Villanova play earlier in the season, and they struggled, but turned it on by stepping up the tempo. I wondered why they didn't play that way all game. The realization hit me that they can't. They simply don't have that luxury the way the top teams in the ACC do. The Big East has so much more defensive depth than the ACC does. North Carolina can play like Carolina all season and Duke can do it and everyone can do it, because even when they play the top teams in the conference, they are playing against defense not as good as the middle teams in the Big East.

Just want to throw it in, but second most underrated Conference (behind the pac10) is the Big Ten. Much more improved this season and stylistically, more suited for the Tournament than the ACC.
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