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But, you see that every year. I don't think this is anything new that the Big East has unimpressive out of conference results and the ACC does. Then, you get to Tournament time and you see the reverse happen. That's been the case in the past few years.

The main reason for it is that offense stands out and can win games in the regular season, but the toughest teams and the teams who play the best defense are going to win in the Tournament. It happens a lot because teams who have defense as their strength take longer to get their offense where it needs to be.

The Big East is stacked with those types of teams and the ACC is not.

Every year this seems to happen. For teams in the ACC they need marquee non-conference games. And, really, from your list, you can scratch FSU, Wake Forest and Clemson because none of what you said about those three should really go on the impressive list.

Duke beating Purdue and Georgetown, well, frankly, Duke SHOULD beat Georgetown. Duke is a better team than Georgetown is. Georgetown is in a rebuilding year and will probably finish around 5-8 in the Big East. They'll spring some nice wins, but ultimately, I don't know if this is a year where they contend.

And, also, let me use your example of Duke beating Georgetown. 2 years ago, no one would call Duke a better team than Georgetown at the end of the season. Georgetown to the Final Four. Duke out in the first round. Duke beat G'Town that year.

I'm not saying that the regular season is meaningless. It's just that the meaning of the regular season is to put yourself into a situation where you are the best team possible in the Tournament. And, again, defense reigns there and the Big East has that in droves compared to the ACC.

I'm not saying Duke or UNC can't make Final Four runs. And, Duke plays pretty good defense, not near the level that some of the Big East teams play, but with the offense that they have, they are a good team. It's just that they aren't going to get challenged as much as the Big East teams will and in the long run, I think that has made the Big East more ready for the Tournament and the recent past has seen that play out.
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