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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Completely disagree. First of all, Nate is roughly the same age as me, give or take a year or two. 20,000 posts and 11 years of daily work and I deserve more credit than a name on the door. The mods here have been great, but the site is entirely up to me, from the behind-the-scenes technical upgrades on down. I do everything. You have trouble with other examples because there aren't any. I didn't suddenly stop taking advice and guidance from others. And I'm disgusted you act like it's a foregone conclusion I would have "floundered" had it not been for the help of "others," which you vaguely allude to simply because no other example exist. At 23, this is my entire life's work, and you're attacking it, so I take it very personally.

WTF are you talking about? I am a sarcastic person. Perhaps you mistook that for "smart-ass." I may have mentioned how a new member disappeared, but only did so once it was clear they came and left. I am friendly and welcoming to all new members, trying to engage them in discussion about where they're from, their teams, etc.

I've never once done that. Complete BS.

What kind of change can there really be? It's a sports forum, it's already setup and organized in the best fashion possible, I've tweaked some things at members' requests, but the bottom line is it comes down to the posters, not me. And by the way, other than you and buckeye (and mush, who is the third wheel in your little gang), I have good relationships with regular posters. In fact, I've had former posters say they won't post due to you all.

I'm not taking back a single banning I've made. First of all, maybe 1% of members are banned, so it's not as if I ban anyone who I dislike or argue with. The big red button gets pushed SELDOMLY, quit acting like it's otherwise. Secondly, rules are rules. It explicitly says you agree to the rules when you register.

If someone is banned before and signs up again, that's grounds for banishment again, regardless of what they say on their new accounts. Just because you break out of the jail doesn't mean you can roam free. And if those posters are here JUST to rile me up, it means they are a TROLL, another grounds for banishment. This community doesn't need former banned members roaming around with grudges; they are only here to serve a negative purpose. It doesn't matter what they say, they are banned members who were originally banned for a reason and will be banned again.

Buckeye already tried this to prove his "point." I'm sure you can pat yourself on the back and act like you did all you can do at the end of the week, and that it's ultimately my fault for everything. Making new threads is good, I would appreciate you doing that, but it's making sure things stay relatively active over the long-haul that will do most good. Posting a flurry of new threads is not going to do a lot of good. Moderation and consistency is key.

Yeah, because we don't let trolls roam around with F-bombs and porn links everywhere. SO restrictive. The fact is this site was created to be an ALTERNATIVE to the CRAP on ESPN, CBS, etc. Those sites are unmoderated and jungles of trolls, flame wars, spam, and ignorance (14-year-old boys saying Romo is gay, etc.). The SCMB is not restrictive in any way that hurts quality sports discussion from starting. Differing viewpoints are welcome, as are arguments and heated discussion. Sorry we have SOME rules, but this site is VERY open and unrestricting.

I agree. You've made your point. None of us are happy (at least I hope not) about the site's activity. There is NO point in harping on about it. It's clear, I don't deny it. If you truly want to turn it around, start by having a positive attitude and posting regularly. Threads like this DETER new members. And some of you b1tch about lack of activity when in fact your b1tching is a big reason why there's not more activity. If a group of us get together, talk about sports, talk about light-hearted Lounge topics, just move on from this harping, THAT is going to be what plants the seed for new members to see an active place and want to join in. Put yourself in the shoes of a new members. This site is established, but needs current activity, so all we have to do is create that. The job is a lot easier than starting from scratch.
While there's quite a bit that I could counter here, & with proof, I'll just let it ride. Not worth it to me.

Well, there is 1 thing....

And by the way, other than you and buckeye (and mush, who is the third wheel in your little gang), I have good relationships with regular posters. In fact, I've had former posters say they won't post due to you all.
The 'gang' comment is baffling but let's leave that one alone. It's the comment about former posters not wanting to be here "due" to me.

Names would probably help in understanding that one. If you can supply them, I'll probably 'see the light' & 'fall on my own sword' to help SC out. Unless of course you're about to save me the trouble...
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