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As usual, you miss the point...

On one hand, I appreciate that you took the time to even respond. On the other, I'm chagrined to read "ordering me to unban someone" especially since I have no power to do so nor have any vested interest to tailor this site to my needs/desires.

Life is just about 'learning' about oneself...strengths/weaknesses..thru time. Things that are constantly in a state of flux as one grows. The SC MB was one of a major priority in your youth but now has fallen to the wayside as the blog side has grown. in motion as it should & always will be.

However, my post..."out of the blue"...had depth that you didn't see. It was more about not severing ties to a side that was important/useful due to the fact that it's not necessary in any way shape or form.

This isn't about anything that will create a negative aspect to SC nor will it start a wave of civil unrest since the 'stats' showing active members is as trustworthy as the validity of voters lists in major elections.

The idea/premise I thru out there was that somewhere down the line, just like bell bottoms/other retro things that come back into vogue, the SC MB just may have a resurgence that still has connections to the beginning...all at no cost to you except a little understanding that you,, can be a smarmy, over-the-top, young pain in the ass. :thumbup:

Uh that grounds for banning?

How about that I know basically what you think of me yet I don't make occasionally stopping in about that & only that? It's about staying in the moment/staying in context & not making things so unbelievably self important.

I knew you as a young kid, gave you respect for what you were trying to do & stayed age appropriate in convos for your effort ...knew you as a young adult who at times was a pain in the ass with no experience to be a part of situations that he tried to force himself into yet spent the time, like now, to explain a POV.

& now have seen/read of things that you are going/growing thru which I give respect for but still see that 'my sandbox/my rules' attitude that I guarantee is something that a person is better off being without. It's that life's lesson of learning restraint/working thru that which is invaluable.

It's not about having the power to 'push the button' but learning when it's really necessary. Rules are important but c'mon...this is as far from a 'rules' scenario as one can get. There's literally no more that 4-6 actual live members here.

You know, when one remembers in the past you stating how you wanted the SC MB to be an important, growing part of SC & fast forwarding to you stating, in that smarmy tone you like to throw out there, of how MBs are dead & any SC members coming in/posting more than you, should get a life, you shouldn't be surprised to be told to F off on occasion.

So unless you're trying to sever POVs from the past that may not show you in a favorable light, my post was just about letting life go on especially due to the fact that life evolves & I really doubt that, given the opportunity, everyone/anyone still here, will hold the same view they do now, down the road.

Those convos then would probably be one Hell of a convo/'time capsule' opportunity,

As SC history shows, I've spent too much time explaining something that will probably be for naught but hey...when I come on the 'net to post, I've already put in more hours in a day living life than most will read about on blogs. It's a mild form of 'release' I guess you could say. That's why there's never been any 'fear' of 'what may come' when it comes to content.

It is what it is & will bring what it brings...

But for the record, I don't 'hate' you, Marc, nor are so consumed by the thought of what this or any post across the web I've thrown out there will come to.

Really...hope the best for any & all I've come across...

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