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Cowher will return to the NFL in '08. I seriously doubt he'll go to Dallas. If Crennel doesn't get the ship running in the right direction next season, expect him to be returning to a DC position somewhere and Cowher going to the Browns.
Other possibilities could include any of the Florida teams. It was suggested earlier this week that the Fish could hire a placeholder (Jim Bates springs to mind) to hold the job till Cowher's contract with the Steelers expired. Jack Del Rio has returned a certain amount respectability to Coughlin's train wreck, but he hasn't shown any improvement beyond a first round playoff loss, and with Cowher available, middle of the road guys who appear to have plateaued are going to be on the chopping block. Del Rio will be mentioned as "on the hot seat" next Nov & Dec. Also, if Gruden doesn't prove that he can actually coach (his tenure at Tampa, imo, has been evidence to the absolute contrary, SB regardless), he's out after the '07 season, too.
Another guy whose reputation seems to be built of fairly flimsy stuff is John Fox in Carolina. One jarringly good postseason and pretty much nothing else. Again, middle of the road guys, or good coaches experiencing a bunch of bad luck, are on hotter seats in '07 than they were this year.

Finally, Schottenheimer is no spring chicken. It's conceivable he'd retire after this season (I'd bet he will should the Chargers go on to win the SB, actually), but say he holds on one more season... Cowher's an east coast guy, but that's a really peach situation to walk into if Marty hangs it up in '07.

Of course, Cowher could get really fat and lazy in '07 and decide that retirement suits him just fine. I doubt it, but you never know.
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