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Default I should not be surprised...but I am...

With the systematic dismantling of the Dallas Cowboys today, the Eagles have clinched a playoff berth and with a win next week over the Falcons would win the NFC East. After the McNabb injury and losses to the Titans and Colts, not much was expected out of this team. But, they've handled their business in the division, and on the road no less.

Sitting here thinking about this Philadelphia team right now, I'm surprised that they've made a commanding playoff run. By that, I just mean that they're not one of these 7-8 teams clinging to one remaining berth and not that they're commanding their way into a Super Bowl run or anything like that.

The team was dead in the water after the Titans loss for the obvious reason of losing Donovan McNabb. However, reality is that something was not clicking for this team throughout the season. Unable to close against the Giants and Buccaneers and how they stumbled and looked inept against the Jaguars. The Titans loss and McNabb loss was a crippling combination. After the Colts did away with the Eagles in dominating fashion, they looked completely sunk.

But, at some point along the line, something clicked on that defense and they've been able to make big plays when they have needed to and Jeff Garcia has played better than he should be playing. I shouldn't be surprised that they've defeated their three division opponents on the road, because Philadelphia has more talent than any of those three teams. Still, they could have rolled over and gone away and no one would have said anything. But, here they are.

As a fan of this team, I'll take it and hope to remember it for some time to come.
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