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Default Peja Stojakovic is probably out for this series

Originally posted by mjames:

Looks like you're a happy camper now, eh, Spike? Well, this series is far from over and I think Dallas win win another game or two, but the Kings are really living up to their No. 1 seed!
Yeah, I'm just cheering when I say the stuff that I do. I don't think this series is over at all. In fact, I'm predicting Dallas will win tomorrow. I would be kind of surprised if they didn't especially with Peja Stojakovic definitely out for the game tomorrow.

In fact today I heard, Peja's probably out for this whole series which kind of sucks because without him the Kings will be hard pressed to win this series.

Now, Peja hasn't shot well so far this series but his defense on Nowitski has been pretty good. He's contained Nowitski for the most part so far. Look for Dirk to have a huge game tomorrow with Peja not in there.
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