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Marc will become famous soon enough

But because he got overpaid slightly, it shows that the Clippers are willing to spend a little bit more money than usual in order to get a winning team.
Ah, gotta love the positive spin. You should work for a PR firm.

But I've got news for you: all is not well. The problem the Clippers have is their drafting SUCKS. From a newsletter a friend of mine writes, "The Amico Report":
ē Thereís a reason the Clippers are in the lottery every year. The latest example was their drafting of someone called Yaroslav Korolev with the No. 12 pick. This kid (and I do mean kid) hasnít even shown any potential in Europe. Heís not especially quick, he canít shoot particularly well, he has a reputation of being a horrible defender, and most scouts question his passion.

ē Meanwhile, the Grizzlies have had a history of nabbing big-name college players under general manager Jerry West. Hakim Warrick (Syracuse) and second-rounder Lawrence Roberts (Mississippi State) are the latest examples. Iím guessing itís a big reason why this team has risen from basketballís ashes to make the playoffs in each of the last two seasons -- and why teams like the Clippers never get any better.
I totally agree.
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