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Whether we make anoter bet or not, we shoult still make another LA Sapremacy thread again. That was fun. For a worthless Clipper/Laker battle between 2 lottery teams, it actually had a lot of posts. I doubt it but I hope Kwame Brown becomes like Jermain O'neal going from portland to indiana because it will be boring if the Clippers go on to hopefully 50 wins and the Lakers are sucking ass with OlowoKwame.

And on Mobley, I'm glad he's on the Clippers. Mobley broke our hearts in 2 meetings between the Clippers and Kings. those 2 games were close games and Mobley was the one who stabbed us in the heart with crucial plays down the stretch. Now, hopefuly Mobley will do that with the Clippers instead of against them.

Lakers need a point guard desperately. Unless you want Tierre as you're starting PG.
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