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HOLD ON! I'm 'bout sick of all the cheap shots you people are throwing on Dallas.

I'm not a huge Hambrick fan (however, I like him just because he is a Cowboy). But the man is good. He carried for a 4-yard average last year, after heading a 5.1 average in 2001. The man can run. If you can't see that, than you are blind! But his stamina is the main concern here. Add in Richie Anderson, a brutal blocker, third-down back Michael Wiley and the new back Aevion Cason and the Maurice Carthon (Off. Line/RBs coach) can easily turn this into a dangerous backfield. You can add H-Back Dan Campbell to that list too, I suppose.

Every one is hating Chad Hutchinson. I can't figure out why. He sucks? he doesn't. If anyone even watched this player, you would know that he doesn't suck. Look at his history....look at the stats....look at the situation. They would all suggest that Hutchinson was put in at QB at a bad place, bad time. A 66.3 rating may have come from the casualties of the Offensive Line who was one of the worst in the league. 34 SACKS! Nobody can endure that and remain a good QB. Secondly, Hutchinson had not played since 1997! Thirdly, he was not a mature player and was pushed on the field too soon. Last season, Dallas should've stuck with Q. Carter. If you still deny Hutchinson's ability, look at his flashes of brilliance....the 49ers game...the Jacksonville game. Look at the fight in this kid. When the Giants were brutally laying a whooping on the Cowboys, Hutchinson refused to give up. So before you nay-sayers dare to criticize this man, I ask you to look at him.

The defense is indeed one of the best in the one can deny it. If Ebenezer Ekuban ever reaches his potential and take away the double-teams from Ellis, they can bring some more pressure to the QB. Not to mention La'Roi Glover, a Pro Bowler, and a decent starter in Michael Myers. The linebacking squad is one that Parcells has little love for, but is good. Dat Nguyen is a very solid linebacker...but small. Dexter Coakley is a Pro Bowl-calibur player who gets INTs as well as tackles. And they get Al upgrade from Kevin Hardy who was disappointing.

The secondary is realling one of the best with a young secondary with one veteran leader. Derek Ross comes off a 5-INT year alongside Terrence Newman (can anyone deny him?). Roy Williams is a very VERY good player...possibly the league's best safety this year. And Darren Woodson...the only link to the Cowboys 3 Rings in 4 Years Team.

AFTER SAYING ALL THAT: I still disagree with the Cowboys having a good season. Maybe a 5-11, 6-10, or if a good season, 7-9. I have some beef though...I always thought the better teams played the better teams and worse-off teams played the worse-off teams. If that's true, then why does Dallas play the New York Jets (returning playoff team), Atlanta Falcons (or should I say Michael Vick), Buffalo Bills (with a better defense), New England Patriots (SB champs from two January's ago), Miami Dolphins (always a playoff contender), New Orleans Saints (should've made the playoffs), and worst of all...THE RETURNING SUPER BOWL CHAMPS...TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS!!!
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