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Don,t start the scrambling talk again now dave. We beat that horse to his death already. I don,t think you ever saw johnny unitas play or bart star play but you know about how great they were. so does that mean that you don,t have history perspective? Come on man. Look at the nfl record book and dan marino owns it. Yeah kurt warner was in the arena league and everyone knows that. So what? He ws the mvp of the nfl and he had marshall falk and issac bruce and some others on his team that could be great but took a back seat to warner. Now look at joe theisman. I know he had his kicker win the mvp award. BA HAHAHA the kicker????? ba haha that is to funny man. I alread siad that theisman was ok. I wouldn,t pick him to qb my team but he was ok.

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