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Originally posted by BaseballFan1
There was too much calls going the Pats way. It is pathetic how the Pats won.
This is the most ridiculous statement, well... outside of suspicion of game-fixing, anyway, that I've seen in regard to this Super Bowl.

I have FOUR calls that went against the Patriots that completely and wholly fly in the face of your suggestion, BBF1.

1. I thought the Ty Law defensive holding call was dubious at best. Law used his hands to measure Muhammed, and never impeded Muhammed's abilty to get downfield.

2. The offensive interference call against Troy Brown was similar in nature. Brown had his hand on Cousins, and extended his arm, but Brown's tag did nothing to further separate the two. Cousins had already taken a bad position, and Brown's "push-off" did nothing to increase the distance between them.

3. The Muhammed catch and fumble being ruled an incomplete pass was the second worst call of the game. Muhammed caught the ball, tucked it into his right arm, turned, and was hit (not exceedingly hard) by Ty Law. The ball squirted out, was recovered by Eugene Wilson. Because the ruling was made as it was, and the whistle blown, the play was made unreviewable, and shouldn't have been. Terrible officiating by the line judge.

4. Worst call of the game: Incompletion called of the obvious touchdown to Christian Fauria. Not even close. He had control. He had both feet down. It was a TD. The Pats let Hochuli and the back judge off the hook by scoring on the following play, but it was still an atrocious call, and one that deserves a penalty for the guy calling it. Even HBO's Inside the NFL spent time reviewing it.

Other than those four calls, I had a beef with the fourth-and-inches placement early in the game. Had Hochuli come from the review booth and told us that there was no indisputable evidence to suggest the spot was wrong, I would have bought it. But, he came back with an assertion that the spot was right, and I couldn't be convinced by any angle that that was the case.

Other than those five calls, the game was called fine and fair. I have no recollection whatever of feeling that the Pats gained anymore than a five yard advantage during the game by way of penalty, and to be sure, the Panthers didn't have a TD reception nor a fumble taken away by bad calls.

Not sure what bad calls you were seeing.

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