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Default Why I don't buy ESPN GamePlan

Pardon me while I brag a little bit about the college football I get on my cable system this weekend.

At noon:
ABC-UCLA @ Illinoi
FoxSports-Fresno St @ Kansas St
ESPN-UNLV @ Wisconsin
ESPN2-Arizona St @ Northwestern
FoxCollegeSports Central-Richmond @ VMI

At 1p:
FoxCollegeSportsAtlantic-Villanova @ Lehigh

At 3.30p:
ABC-North Carolina @ Virginia
NBC-Michigan @ Notre Dame
FoxCollegeSportsPacific-Wyoming @ Texas A&M

At 4p:
FoxCollegeSportsCentral-Southern Illinois @ Northern Illinois

At 5p:
FoxCollegeSportsAtlantic-Florida International @ Youngstown State

At 5.30p:
ESPN-Georgia @ South Carolina

At 7p:
TBS-Houston @ Oklahoma

At 8p:
ABC-Penn State @ Boston College
FoxCollegeSportsCentral-Southeastern Louisiana @ McNeese State

At 9p:
ESPN-Texas @ Arkansas
ESPN2-Mississippi @ Alabama

At 10p:
FoxCollegeSportsPacific-Utah @ Arizona

At 11.30p:
FoxCollegeSportsAtlantic-New Hampshire @ Rutgers (replay)

19 games. All for free. Well... all for what I pay normally.
Add to that the fact that NFL Network has a show called College Football Saturday at 10p and replaying all night beginning at 2a, I'm all set.

My gripes? I wish I were getting Southern Miss-Nebraska instead of UCLA-Illinois, but I'm guessing we'll get significant look-ins during UCLA-Ill, especially if someone starts to pull away. Also wish I were getting Marshall @ Ohio St instead of UNC-UVa, but I don't expect either to be competitive, so at least I'll get to take a good look at the Cavs, in whom I need to be made to believe before I buy their stock.

I'm actually pretty excited to see 78's Penguins in action this weekend. Last time I saw YSU, they were getting pummelled (okay, it was close) by Marshall in the Div I-AA Championship Game. Should be interesting. FIU is a provisional Div I-A program. Folks have thought for some time YSU should make the leap up in status. (The MAC has got to be banging their door down right now.)

Anyway, pardon my excitement. I wish I were going to be able to see it all, but, I plan to get in enough to make my family pretty sick of football...

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