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Marc... I don't think the Devils have lost too many players... Alexander Mogilny is the only "big-named guy" I can think of right now... John Vanbiesbruk, who was their back-up for the final three months of the season (incl. playoffs), retired, but he barely played at all in the time he was there, and his role shouldn't be too hard to replace. I don't think the Devils fans will be disappointed, though I don't think they'll become the first team to make the Stanley Cup Finals three years in a row since the Edmonton Oilers in this upcoming season.

But, roenickchick, the way you described it -- the media and team in Phoenix saying they'll be a playoff team next season... well, if they (the fans) actually and truley believe that... yes, they'll be VERY disappointed, and this is NOT coming from a bitter Manitoban... though I am a bitter Manitoban.. this is a hockey "expert" speaking right now .... the Coyotes are definitley not playoff calibr this year. goalie (no way Burke will continue the way he played last year)... no star forwards (Roenick.. Tkachuk)... no decent defenseman (I believe Jyrki Lumme left... now they only have Numminen)... losing Reichel and the rights to Renberg....... they'll contend with the Ducks for last place this year
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